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Curtin University
Integrity and Standards Unit

Complaint and Feedback Form

The University welcomes and values your feedback as it assists us to improve our standards and quality of service. We aim to provide an environment which promotes teamwork and respectful treatment of all staff and students.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This portal should not be used for any of the following: Making a general enquiry about Curtin’s operations, services or support; requesting assistance on available Curtin services; reporting a health and safety issue; making a complaint about a Curtin student; making a complaint about the Student Guild; registering a Curtin student appeal or making a protected disclosure under the PID Act. For more information on these matters, please go to this web page.

  • Information about accessibility, as well as ways to get assistance with making or resolving complaints, is available.
  • Any person is entitled to lodge a complaint with the Curtin University Integrity and Standards Unit (ISU).
  • To lodge a complaint you need to complete this form. The information you provide on this form will be assessed to determine the appropriate course of action.
  • Any information on this form is provided with your consent.
  • In order to address the matter, the details of your complaint will be provided to the appropriate decision maker.
  • If your complaint is about someone's behaviour it is likely that the appropriate decision maker will provide the details of your complaint to the person identified to allow them to respond. The details of your complaint may also be provided to potential witnesses.
  • After you have submitted your form, you will be assigned a Complaint ID number. Please take note of the number for future reference.
  • Once a Curtin manager is assigned to your complaint, you will receive a complaint acknowledgment email from that officer.
  • If you decide not to provide your contact details, we will be unable to provide you with an ID number or an acknowledgement letter. In addition, without your contact details, we may be unable to progress your complaint and notify you of the complaint resolution outcome.
  • All personal information is handled in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

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  • What happened
  • When it happened
  • Where it happened
  • Who was involved including their name(s), title(s), location and the nature of their relationship with you (student/advisor/colleague/manager etc)
  • Whether there were witnesses and who they were
  • Any other important details
At the end of this form, you can attach documents that you think might help us to assess your complaint.
The total size of all attachments must not exceed 14 MB. If you need to send larger attachments, please submit the complaint and send the attachments to
I certify that this complaint is made in good faith, is not false, trivial or frivolous, or lacking in or devoid of any substance, and does not knowingly or intentionally contain any inaccurate, misleading or exaggerated claims, allegations or content.
I am aware that I can also submit this complaint to an appropriate external body or tribunal but should I do so, the University may choose to suspend addressing the matter until the external body or tribunal rules on the complaint, or the external complaint is directed back to the University for resolution. A list of these agencies is available here:
By submitting this complaint, I agree to the disclosure of the information provided to the appropriate decision maker for complaint resolution purposes and to other relevant parties should there be a duty of care to do so. I understand that if my complaint is about someone's alleged behaviour, details of my complaint are also likely to be provided to the person I have identified and to potential witnesses.