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Curtin University of Technology
Access to Corporate Systems

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Requests for access must be made by the line manager on behalf of the staff member requiring access.

This online application form for access to corporate systems has been developed to simplify the application process and to reduce the time taken to provide staff with access to the University's corporate systems. As part of the introduction of the new online system, a change in process has been made.

Instead of a staff member completing a form and then obtaining authorisation from their manager, the new system requires the manager to initiate the request for access, based on the roles and responsibilities of the staff member. An email is sent to the staff member who then acknowledges the terms of use and confidentiality conditions. Once this is done, the business area will receive an email and the access can be approved and provided.

The new system uses emails to transfer information between staff and areas. In the future, the plan is to use a workflow engine to manage these transfers.

This web form is to be completed by the line manager on behalf of the applicant.

Are you a line manager completing an access request form for a staff member?

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